"The grace and peace of our Lord be with you." Each time we gather for Mass, we hear these words. We, the parishioners, staff and clergy pray that you always find this peace and blessing in our midst.

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Among the Church's many treasures is the sacrament of the sick. We celebrate this sacrament to bring the power of God's Spirit to bear on sickness. Sometimes the recipient experiences physical healing. Always the Spirit gives the sick person strength to bear the burden of his/her illness. When I visit the sick in the hospital or take Communion to parish shut-ins, I frequently celebrate the sacrament of the sick with them; but here at Our Lady of Peace we also have the tradition of celebrating the sacrament communally at a Sunday Mass. This Advent, on Sunday, December 7th, at the 11:30 Mass, the parish will be celebrating the sacrament of the sick. The sacrament is available to anyone who is seriously ill and also to anyone who though not seriously ill, is at rick of serious illness because of physical weakness or advanced age or something similar. If you wish to receive the sacrament of the sick, please plan to participate in this celebration. For parishioners with mobility problems we will be reserving a special area where the choir normally sits---the priest will anoint people there in their places so they do not have to come forward. During Advent we await the arrival of the Messiah who comes to set us free---free, among other things, from sickness. Advent is therefore a most appropriate time for this special celebration. I hope we have lots of participants. Fr. John

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Thanksgiving, Nov 27

Eucharistic Adoration, Dec 4

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, Dec 4

St. Vincent de Paul Business Meeting, Dec 7

Men's Scripture Sharing, Dec 8

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We are now accepting contributions for decorating our altar at Christmas. Please complete the envelope, which was included in your offering packet of special envelopes, to remember a deceased loved one, or "special intention," along with $10.00 contribution for each intention. If you do not have this envelope, please complete the dedication and giver information clearly on a sheet of paper; place that in an envelope, along with the $10.00 contribution per intention, and mark the envelope "Christmas Flowers." You may return either envelope in the collection basket or by mail to the Church Office. The deadline is Sunday, December 14th to be included in the Christmas bulletin.

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