Photo from the OLP archives: Bishop Griffin, Father Grimes, Deacon Rankin probably 1996.


Pastors Who Served Our Parish

Rev. George Foley
Founding Pastor
January 17, 1946-1965
Rev. Monsignor
Frank Riehl

Rev. Monsignor
Edward Healey


Co-Pastors: Rev. Msgr. Edward Healey Msgr. Edward Fairchild 1971-1973


Rev. Edward Fairchild


Rev. Thomas Green
Asst. Pastor 1974-1976

Rev. Monsignor
Kenneth Grimes
1986-June 2006

  Associate Pastor 1960-1963


Rev. Kevin Kavanagh
July 2006-present


 Vocations from the Parish

         no photo     available

Rev. Monsignor Edward McFarland
Parish Son

Mother, Mrs. C.C. McFarland
Lived at 135 W. Schreyer Place

Rev. Monsignor Edward Trenor
died 9/17/07
Rev. Jerry Stluka Rev. Michael DeTemple Sister Benjamin (Elizabeth Jackson,
Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. Harry Jackson
160 E. Schreyer Place) Dominican Sister
     no photo available      
 Sister Laura Landen  Sister Marge Davis Sr. Mary Thomas (Diana Gorsuch,
daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Harold Gorsuch,
213 E. Weisheimer Rd)
Sister of St. Joseph

Sr. Veronica Marie
(Jean Conrad, daughter
of Mary & Joseph Conrad,
250 E. Schreyer Place)
Dominican Sister  

 Priests Who Served Our Parish

Rev. David
Assistant Pastor 1963-66
Rev. William Dickas
Associate Pastor 1969-1971

Monsignor John T. Dittoe  
died 9/14/09

Weekend Assistant

Rev. William Faustner
Associate Pastor 1984-1985

Msgr. Leonard
Pontifical College Josephinum faculty assisted Sundays & Holy Days

Rev. Frank Fortkamp
Associate Pastor 1963-1966
Rev. Donald Franks
Associate Pastor 1990
Rev. John Fulcher
Associate Pastor 1977
Rev. Robert Gonzales
Pontifical College Josephinum professor and weekend Assistant Pastor 1991-1994
Rev. Thomas Green
Associate Pastor 1974-1976
Rev. Kenneth Grimes
Associate Pastor 1960-1963;
Pastor 1986-6/2006
Rev. John Johnson
Associate Pastor 1987-89
Rev. Donald Maroon
Associate Pastor 1968-69
Rev. Brice Metzger
Associate Pastor 1965-68
Rev. Robert Noon
Associate Pastor 1978-1981
Rev. Michael Nugent
In residence
Rev. Jerome Raiser
Associate Pastor 1982
Rev. Martin Ralko
Associate Pastor 1993-1994
Rev. Robert Schmidt
Associate Pastor 1983
Rev. Frank Stanton
Associate Pastor 1/1996-July 2000
Rev. John Tague
First Assistant Pastor 1954-1958
Rev. Patrick Toner
Associate Pastor 1992
Rev. Roland Torrer
Associate Pastor 1958-1960
Rev. James Walter
In residence

Note: Our Lady of Peace has had no associate pastor since Fr. Frank Stanton left in 2000.

Deacons Who Served Our Parish

Rev. Mr. Greg Eiden

Rev. Mr. Jack Rankin


Rev. Mr. Jeffrey Fortkamp
Ordained November 2008
Serving Nov. 2008-present
Parish son

Seminarians from the Pontifical College Josephinum Who Served our Parish as part of their Faith and Academic Development

Seminarian: Andrew Curry of the Diocese of Ft. Wayne-South Bend, Indiana
Deacon: Blake DeShantelle of the Diocese of Alexandria, Louisiana

Seminarian: Victor Feltes of the Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin  

Deacon: Martin Laird of the Diocese of Alexandria, Louisiana

Seminarian: Tyron "Ty" Tomson (summer of 2007) of the Diocese of Columbus, Ohio

Seminarian: Irion St. Romain of the Diocese of Alexandria, Louisiana
Deacon: Jacob  "Scott" Conner of the Diocese of St. Charles, Louisiana

Seminarian: Sayf W. Bowlin of the Diocese of Tyler, Texas
                         Charles "Charlie" B. Ray of the Diocese of Alexandria, Louisiana

Deacon: Irion St. Romain of the Diocese of Alexandria, Louisiana 

Deacon: Matthew Coonan of the Diocese of Ft. Wayne-South Bend, Indiana

Seminarian: Raymond "Chris" Axline of the Diocese of Phoenix, Arizona

Seminarian: Sean Dooley of the Diocese of Columbus, Ohio
Seminarian: Tom Nelson of the Diocese of Steubenville, Ohio

Seminarian: Junot Nelvy of the Diocese of Atlanta, Georgia
                        Joshua Carlos of the Diocese of Brownsville, Texas
                        Paul McNulty of the Diocese of Charlotte, North Carolina


Principals Who Served Our School

Sister Lucille Stewart 1948-1954
Sister Marcia Ressley 1954-1962
Sister Mary Joseph Halpin 1962-1965
Sister Christopher O’Brien 1965-1967
Sister Charlene Aid 1967-1969
Sister Anne Rutledge 1969-1977
Sister Elizabeth Donovan 1977-1979
Sister Mauryeen O’Brien 1979-1985
Sister Mary Catherine Kaeppner 1985-1992
Carol Folian 1992-present 

Dominican Sisters Who Served Our Parish

Sister Adrian (Rose Ann) Van Buren Sister Michael Spangler
Sister Alexine Zolynsky Sister Florian O’Kane
Sister Alphonsa Spires Sister Gerard (Gertrude) Tanner
Sister Amadea Reitz Sister Irenaeus (Clara) Bauman
Sister Ann Virginia Thesing

Sister Isnarda Finn

Sister Anna Mary Sylvester

Sister Josue Mancuso Sister Antoinette Hughes
Sister Juanita (Barbara Rose) Kolesar Sister Barbara Kane
Sister Judith Hoag Sister Bernadette Marie Basbagill
Sister Kathleen Marie Mortell Sister Bertille Coyle
Sister Kenneth Marie (Anne) Rutledge Sister Bonaventure (Margaret) Quinn
Sister Laurentine Carlin Sister Cephas (Virginia) Sweeney
Sister Lelia Horkans Sister Charleen Aid
Sister Linda Alvis Sister Charlotte Mahaney
Sister Louise Litzinger Sister Christopher O’Brien
Sister Lucille Stewart Sister Claudia Schrader
Sister Macaria Ressley Sister David McFadden
Sister Maria Goretti Swaykus Sister Dominique Simsack
Sister Marie Damian (Marlene) Dimmerlin Sister Elise Walker
Sister Marie Joseph Porrello Sister Elizabeth Donovan
Sister Marilyn Williams Sister Elizabeth Benvie
Sister Martha Langstaff Sister Ellen Marie O’Rourke
Sister Martin de Porres Rietz Sister Emerita McGonagle
Sister Mary Gibbons Sister Ernestine Reichling
Sister Mary Albert Welker Sister Felicitas Garrity
Sister Mary Nicholas (Mary Jo) Fox Sister Mary Alma (Barbara Jean) Welker
Sister Melinda Burkhart Sister Mary Brian (Mauryeen) O’Brien
Sister Michaeleen Henderson Sister Mary Cosmas (Elvira) Menduni
Sister Monita Collins Sister Mary Dominic Mahan
Sister Nadine Buchanan Sister Mary Ethel (Mary Agnes) Jones
Sister Porres (Roselyn) Terhanko Sister Mary Giles (Donna) Brodman
Sister Quentin Fox Sister Mary Harold (Virginia) Fox
Sister Romaine Welker Sister Mary Herman (Mary Catherine) Kaeppner
Sister Sabine (Colleen) Stokes Sister Mary Humbert Davis
Sister Sara Zugschwert Sister Mary Joseph Halpin
Sister Sharon (Carole) Hermann Sister Mary Leonard (Catherine) Burland
Sister Shawn Fitzpatrick Sister Mary Lois Schmeltzer

Above Historical Information was started from lists found in the OUR LADY OF PEACE DEDICATION brochure December 10, 1967. Information was then added to update it and make it current.


Sisters left to right: Sr. Anacletus Oger, Sr. Celestine Watson (?), Sr. Maria Goretti (Mary Jean) Swaykus, Sr. Romaine Welker (?), St. Claudia Schneider (?), Sr. Mary Cephas (Virginia) Sweeney. The priest may be Fr. John P. Tague, First Assistant Pastor. If so, the photo was 1954-58. The place is probably the old rectory, or the convent.

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